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Direct Surety Surpasses $250 Million in Bonded Construction Projects Using Brokerless Model

March 9, 2016

Within 24 months of operation, Direct Surety has reported writing in excess of $250 million of contract surety bonds to support small- to medium-sized contractors nationwide.
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Direct Surety Receives 10,000th Inquiry – Contractors Embrace Direct Model

In just over 24 months of operations, underwriters at Direct Surety have spoken with more than 10,000 contractors nationwide seeking to go direct to the decision maker for bid, performance and payment bonds.
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Best Practices for Construction Firms – Track Finances to Identify Underperformance and Reduce Costs

September 14, 2015

Construction Executive Magazine sits down with Direct Surety’s president, David Druml, to discuss how to identify underperformance and reduce costs by reviewing how to measure performance, labor, equipment, materials and indirect costs. Once problem areas are identified, project managers can focus on bringing performance back on track.
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