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There’s A New Way in the Construction Industry to Obtain Contract Bonds

Go directly to the source – Direct Surety bonds single construction projects up to $25 million.

  • Speak directly with a decision maker to get the contract bond you need in record time.
  • Get more credit to bid bigger jobs when you need it the most.
  • Beat your competition by getting the surety credit you deserve at a lower price.

Go direct for your next contract bond.

Getting the highest surety credit limits and best pricing takes the right combination of knowledge, expertise and a truly direct relationship with the decision maker. At Direct Surety, we put the bonding needs of growing contractors first, working with all types of construction companies with a variety of requirements.

Go Direct to a Surety Underwriter 877.734.2017

“ … because we work directly with Direct Surety as our underwriter, we were able to get our surety bond in record time. Our plan is to continue to use Direct Surety for our surety bonds from now on.”

Zamir Zuraek
Principal at Townsend Management Inc

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