Direct Surety announces DirectServ, a proprietary risk analysis system designed to help contractors raise profitability, earn more credit and obtain better pricing.

Foster City, CA—December 4, 2013—Contractors seeking surety bonds can now receive unprecedented guidance to raise profitability, improve bonding limits and obtain the best pricing through the use of a proprietary risk analysis system offered by Direct Surety called DirectServ™. This system is designed to identify internal business controls in need of improvement and recommend corrective action, all geared to help contractors increase profitability and raise surety credit limits.

“As controls are identified that are in need of improvement, contractors begin to see risks to their profit-making ability they didn’t previously know existed,” said David Druml, founder and president of Direct Surety. “DirectServ enables contractors to self-assess their operations using a risk analysis system that examines specific controls that may affect surety credit. The system automatically provides recommendations that a contractor can follow to improve deficient controls,” continued Druml. “As controls are improved upon, bonding limits are raised and pricing is reduced, which is key if contractors want to grow. For decades, contractors have been denied surety credit without being given a way to improve it. At Direct Surety, we change this dynamic by empowering contractors with strategic tools and knowledge, giving them a competitive edge in this ultra-competitive construction industry.”

DirectServ is a complete risk analysis system and the first step for contractors looking to improve surety credit limits and obtain better pricing. This system enables contractors to:

  • Increase profitability and surety credit. Contractors are armed with the analytical tools and provided knowledge of best practices to maximize both profit-making ability and bonding limits.
  • Improve business controls. With a better understanding of operational strengths and weaknesses, contractors can take corrective steps to reduce risk.
  • Gain business insight. Through key performance indicators and industry benchmarking, DirectServ gives contractors a rich understanding of current limitations and future potential.

The risk analysis data, recommendations and strategic improvement options generated by DirectServ and Direct Surety underwriters are confidential.

Additional resources:

  • To learn more about DirectServ and Direct Surety, please go here.
  • To watch the Direct Surety video, go here.
  • To speak directly to an underwriter, call 877.989.9150 or email

About Direct Surety

Direct Surety is positioned to be the leading U.S. provider of contract surety bonds enabling contractors to go direct to a surety underwriter rather than through a broker network. Direct Surety believes in empowering contractors to grow and prosper by connecting decision makers, promoting transparency, and offering tools to improve their operations and surety credit limits. The company’s primary focus is providing contract surety bonds directly to contractors, eliminating the need for a middleman and promoting a strong relationship directly with a surety underwriter. Direct Surety is led by an outstanding team comprised of experts from the construction industry, technology space and field of surety.

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