No Broker — Get Surety Bonds Without the Hassle



Getting the highest surety credit limits and best pricing takes the right combination of knowledge, expertise and a truly direct relationship with the decision maker. At Direct Surety, we put the bonding needs of growing contractors first, working with all types of construction companies with a variety of requirements.

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A New Direct Model that Maximizes Your Profit-Making Ability

Direct Surety empowers JKL Construction through state-of-the-art Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution and one-to-one connection with the decision maker.


Why Empire Engineering & Construction, Inc. GOES DIRECT

Clifton Burch, President of Empire Engineering & Construction, Inc. selected Direct Surety, citing direct relationship with the decision maker and new way to obtain construction bonds. Empire is a well-respected, ten-year-old San Francisco firm that has completed more than 150 public and private projects in the Bay Area.


The Direct Surety Vision – Empowering Contractors

Founder and president, David Druml, shares his vision for Direct Surety, changing the construction industry and empowering contractors to grow their business by offering a new way to obtain surety bonds.


Why Townsend Management GOES DIRECT

Zamir Zuraek, President and CEO of Townsend Management explains how no broker means you deal directly with the decision maker who understands construction and bonding.


A Better Way to Get Contract Surety Bonds?

If you’re a contractor that does bonded work then you know it’s essential to obtain contract surety bonds with ease. But are you aware of some of the common pitfalls that exist? Problems you can’t afford when trying to bid and wind more jobs . . . watch this short video and see what we’re talking about.


The Way of the Future is DIRECT

By going direct to the decision maker for your next bid, performance and payment bond you’ll benefit from:

    • Faster bonds
    • Efficient approval process
    • Lower prices
    • Guidance to improve
    • Complete confidentiality
    • Absolute trust

At Direct Surety, we’re dedicated to your success and determined to meet all your contract surety bond needs!


Take Control

Change isn’t disruptive when you have a trusted partner and direct communication with the decision maker – the surety underwriter. The next generation of contract surety bonds is here. You’ve been hands-on with everything you do. The same should hold true with your bonding. See how a direct model can get you better pricing and superior service.