Townsend Management Inc. Chooses Direct Surety for Emergency Surety Bond for Yosemite Rim Fire Cleanup

Townsend cites direct relationship with bond underwriter, speed and construction expertise as reasons for Direct Surety choice

Foster City, CA—February 6, 2014—When the devastating Rim fire burned over 400 square miles in and around Yosemite National Park last summer, management of the restoration and recovery effort was needed right away. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission turned to Townsend Management Inc., an experienced project, engineering and construction management company, to manage the work around Hetch Hetchy Dam, the critical facility that provides water and power to the City of San Francisco.

Needing a surety bond right away, Townsend contacted Direct Surety to obtain the required emergency bond. According to Townsend, the ability to work directly with an underwriter with construction expertise – instead of going through a middleman – made the process of obtaining the surety bond quick and efficient.

“Working with Direct Surety was like working with family,” said Zamir Zuraek, principal at Townsend Management Inc. “They know the construction industry and speak our language, and we even know some of the same people. And because we work directly with Direct Surety as our underwriter, we were able to get our surety bond in record time. Our plan is to continue to use Direct Surety for our surety bonds from now on.”

Direct Surety provides contractors seeking surety bonds with unprecedented guidance to raise profitability, improve bonding limits and obtain the best pricing. Unique in the industry, Direct Surety enables contractors to go directly to their underwriter instead of through a broker network, assuring transparency and accuracy in the information used to determine credit limits. In addition, Direct Surety offers use of their proprietary risk analysis system called DirectServ™, which identifies internal business controls in need of improvement and recommends corrective action, all geared to help contractors increase profitability and raise surety credit limits.

“The Rim fire was one of the worst fires in United States history and Townsend’s expertise during this critical recovery stage will help prevent debris and erosion from further affecting the Hetch Hetchy Dam,” said David Druml, founder and president of Direct Surety. “We are proud that we could assist Townsend quickly in obtaining their surety bond.”

According to Townsend, the firm first assessed the fire damage around Hetch Hetchy and helped the San Francisco PUC develop the recovery and restoration plan. Acting as the on-site manager of the clean up effort, Townsend oversees the debris removal, erosion control and rock slide control, among other tasks.

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